Who is Ajisaitea?

getting down the basics

Name: Alexandria
Call Me: Aji or JuJu
Age: 30+
Gender: Female
Location: The state of lolz

breakdown of username meaning

Ajisai is the Japanese name for the Hydrangea plant. And Tea happens to be one of my most favourite things. So put them together and instant user name. Yes you may add water.

I use the following Kanji when writing out my user name:

When broken down into English the kanji used means Heavenly Purple Flower Tea.

In the Language of Flowers Hydrangea has both a positive and negative meaning. While Hydrangea are said to show the frigidness and heartlessness of a person they also convey a very heartfelt gratitude for being understood. The Hydrangea also hold the meaning of Pride in Hanakotoba; the Japanese inequivalent of the Language of Flowers.

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